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Today we'll talk about random things. But firstly, here a babo namja gif for you --"

 woohyun and his half-wet-stokin

Hm... Sekolah. Hari cuti persekolahan negeri Johor dah ditukar ke Jumaat Sabtu so hari rabu bersamaan 1hb ni aku dah start sekolah. Esok pagi pergi daftar. Sekali dengan hantar diari cuti 50 hari, Quality Vacation Module dengan borang SMM. Dah lah tak mintak tandatangan dengan cop tok penghulu lagi sebab kakak aku tak siap siapkan isi --" Well, ayah aku tak kerja dengan orang, takde slip gaji. So rasanya tak hantar lah borang tu. Aku hantar bila cikgu mintak naik sekolah nanti je lah gamaknya -,-

Hm... Immature fans. Well, i'm tired with this topic. Stupid. Just because their idols are so popular, they cursed, insulted, mocked other artists. Even their idols' sunbaenims those were already have long route in the industry. How stupid are them, am i right? How can't you not agree with me, right? --" Just because of the company, just because of the sunbaes in the company, they become such that popular from the very beginning. yeah even people ignored the iluminati thingy Yes, i admit their vocal lines have a great voice. Even my hairs bristle. Yes i admit their rappers are good too. Yes i admit their dancers are wow too. And yes i admit their choreo are hard too. Well everyone said that -o- But these immature fans are so stupid stupid stupid. Not only other artists, but they even insulted the members of the group. Like what the ._.? You said you're one but once again, what the ._.? Heh. You know what i talked about whom. Bash me if you want but no bash for the idols i love. You just don't really love and appreciate their so-called-hardworks. Their so-called-hardworks are nonsense and will be wasted if you kept doing those shit things =..= i admit that i'm kinda liking their idols and their idols' songs too but this is a topic about immature fans.

Hm... Well, even the artists themselves are a bit arrogant and unsatisfied when other artists are announced as the winner. Just admit the fact that you're still new, kid. Their route are longer than yours. (this statement is a general statement and not referred to only a group)

i'm not a monkey but i love banana /facepalm/



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