Updateeee ~
Friday, 12 October 2012 @ 12:04

Assalamualaikum guys^^

Yahh ~ It's been too long I didn't update this blog since the last entry. Kyaa ~ Myungsoo is now in the sitcom What Is Mom. Lol. He's like eating non stop in every episode. Chicken maniaccc ! 

Okayy, now we will talk about INFINITE 3D Second Invation Evolution Concert Movie. Wahh ~ susah betul nak menyebutnya. Panjangggg ~ Den tunjuk satu gambar je lahh, ye? Hehe XD

Okayy, cukup sudah entry pada kali ini. InsyaAllah kalau nas ada free time, nas update lagi. Myungsoo's flying kiss for you ^^


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