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Monday, 4 June 2012 @ 10:22

alahai~ comell nye Myung buat mcm tu dekat Suzy.

Invisible Youth 2 menyemai benih benih gula gula di antara Kim Myungsoo dan Bae Suzy --"
It's okay though, as long as that alien myungsoo is happy, then i'm happy //happyface

imo, Suzy does like L, she's probably scared of Inspirits. Plus Actor/Idol combo doesn't create as much of a scandal because actors/actress fandoms are more sane than those of an idol.

Myungsoo's disappointed face is so ... errr? kyeopta? HA HA. Padan muka kau Suzy tak layan sangat kau puahahaha lol i'm a bad fans tsk.

But don't you guys think that Myungsoo is kinda suitable with Suzy? //yes in my eyes

Boom: Out of Suzy and Yewon, which member would u like to become closer with?
Myungsoo: I want to become closer with both of them, but I’d like to become closer with Suzy, in particular.

Okayy, kan? ._.
Saya sayang husband saya, sebab tu saya hormat pilihan yang membahagiakan dia. haha. //ayat mintak penampor. 

wahh~ terserlah kehebatan beliau o_O

myungsoo actually hates raw food and don't eat them

comel ._.

Sorry for those who do not like this entry. Starting from now on, I agree for this MyungZy couple^^


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